Michal Hejna Photography

That's how it was

22. 11.  2012
Something strange is happening ... This morning I took out my camera from the bag and took it along on the day. I feel that the way to a livelier picture is the right one. I am wrestling internally with several contradictions. I always thought that I was a photographer - landscape. It was due to my warm relationship to the landscape in general. Gradually, however, I conclude that what and how I'm doing, it's not good. Trying to make "art", connected too much on technology and "the highest quality", and gradually it lost joy for me. Tripod inconveniences and delays in moments when it is not absolutely necessary. Photographic equipment weighs a ton and hardly moves. Gradually, I find that I do not have photos of family, friends, or places that I like. The camera quietly resting in a bag and wakes up only when I am approaching the next exit for "nice landscape". While the Rubicon I've already crossed that I started using a mobile phone in several of my projects. Together with Ivan Bumba in 2010 we made a Mirror of oblivion. But today, I realized that transition must be complete and with all the trimmings. The die is cast and there is no turning back. I will search my digital archive since 2000, to find the key images of times past. I will step out a new way forward. Shoot more intuitive, emotionally and experience the joy of the birth of new images. I will not leave the landscape, but I want to do it in a completely different way than now. It will be just a part of my new way of looking at the world through the viewfinder. If I turn back to it again, it will look completely different ...