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2019/04/08  You may wonder why there was such a long pause. I have given all my energy to the new project …

2018/05/29  Read about Panoramic people on the blog.

2018/05/22  Before I started photographing panoramic photos with my two Noblexes, I tried this discipline in a digital format.

2018/05/17  Read about my new analog project on the blog.

2018/01/11  A few photos from the exhibition at the Prague Castle.

2017/12/25  I wish you happiness in 2018.

2017/12/15  The sixth issue Stories of Photography presents my street photography in 2017.

2017/12/12  New Instagram content.

2017/11/28  Please do not stagnate.

2017/11/21  The second article about the Baltic Sea - this time about black and white.

2017/11/14  New project about Carriers in the streets.

2017/10/11  Project The Way We Are ended. The book is ready.

2017/10/10  On the blog you can read an article about Colors of the Baltic Sea.

2017/06/12  About shadows.

2017/06/26  Short reading about Carriers.

2017/06/20  The fifth issue Stories of Photography is all dedicated to Instant Potography.

2017/06/12  Short test of two ND filters.

2017/05/30  I spend less time in the places where I’m first. Six hours in Dresden.

2017/04/11  On the blog you can read about Two days in the streets of Lisbon.

2017/02/20  You can read about Polaroid in China on the blog.

2017/02/15  The fourth issue Stories of Photography presents my street photography in 2016.

2016/12/23  In Travels section are new photos from The United Arab Emirates.

2016/09/22  On the blog you can read about Architecture as a by-product of my street walks.

2016/08/23  New photos in Reflections and Silent encounters projects.

2016/06/08  A new article about The World according to Hipstamatic has been just published on the blog.

2016/05/31  On the blog you can read about our street photography project in the article When two do the same.

2016/05/06  Photos from the trip to Malaysia in Travels section.

2016/05/02  A new article about Moravian Tuscany on the blog.

2016/04/15  New photos in current project Silent encounters.

2016/02/17  Silent encounters are starting just now.

2016/02/10  A new completed project named Paths home.

2016/02/09  As a complement to the street photography I’m starting documenting my evening returning home.

2016/01/16  Let me invite you to the opening of an exhibition entitled The landscape and the people of China.

2016/01/07  The third issue of STORIES OF PHOTOGRPAPHY is unique ...

2015/12/27  I wish you happiness for the whole Year 2016.

2015/12/23  The whole second issue Stories of Photography is dedicated to my street photography in 2015.

2015/12/16  On the blog a new article about 26 years old velvet.

2015/12/10  Can you guess what it is?

2015/12/04  On the blog now you can see the first issue of my own new photographic magazine Stories of Photography.

2015/11/11  New project named Reflections and 30 photos from China.

2015/11/09  By cell phone at night?

2015/07/09  An article about the City of Cádiz and "andalusian heavy dogs" was published on the blog.

2015/07/07  Nice date. In the new street gallery yuo can see twelve images from Andalusia in Spain.

2015/06/23  On the blog you can read in the first article from trip to Spain about Rota, a small town in Andalusia.

2015/05/27  Read about Photo sharing. If you have an instagram account, you can follow me.

2015/05/07  On the blog you can read about Czech ice hockey family.

2015/04/29  An article about reflections was published on the blog.

2015/04/23  An article about old cars and spirit of San Francisco was published on the blog.

2015/04/03  Let us not forget the people we care about!

2015/03/29  On the blog you can read about street photography in article In the streets of Prague.

2015/03/25  An article The four seasons was published on the blog.

2015/03/10  On the blog you can read how Fuji X100T is changing habits.

2015/03/01  An article Unsuspected Connections was published on the blog.

2015/02/25  Published new galleries That's how it was and The Mirror of Oblivion in the new section Others.

2015/02/23  Compilation of several articles from the original site Love named Polaroid on the blog.

2015/02/17  You can read about Two-men’s street workshop on the blog.

2015/02/11  An article Lighting in the landscape was published on the blog.

2015/02/01  Published a new web design and content.